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Anglerfish reading a book

Pearl just wants to read her book in peace, but the other fish won’t leave her alone!

Pearl can’t wait to dive into her new book, but the other sea creatures keep interrupting and nothing she does will keep them away—not hanging signs, not hiding under the seaweed, nor swimming away to a shipwreck. So Pearl plucks up her book and swishes down, down, down for a distraction-free place to think and to read. But just as she settles back in, here comes a light show from the comb jellies! GAH! What’s a poor fish got to do for some quiet alone time?

Little ones who struggle to focus in busy environments will relate to Pearl as she searches for quiet in this funny and gentle reminder about establishing healthy boundaries and respecting personal space.

Illustrated by Kristyna Litten

Peachtree Publishing (June 27, 2023)

ISBN: 978-1682633670

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“Litten’s whimsical illustrations, made up of adorably anthropomorphic undersea creatures, make wonderful use of light and dark. Coupled with Greanias’ adept storytelling, they capture the perfect balance between frustration and friendly compromise. Bookworms—whether on land or in the sea—will feel seen.” KIRKUS 

“VERDICT This fun and vividly illustrated book is a strong choice for libraries seeking books about sea creatures, respecting each others’ personal space, or the joy of sharing reading with others.” – SCHOOL LIBRARY JOURNAL 


CRAFT: Download the instructions and template for this adorable anglerfish hat.

Teacher Guide Grades 1-3

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